Finland’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

After a terrific Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu finale, Finland selected Softengine as its Eurovision representative with their song “Something Better”:

“Something Better” is a good example of a modern, radio-friendly rock anthem. It reminds me a lot of Killers or The Bravery or (to put it in Eurovision terms) A Friend In London. The chorus has an immediacy to it that should grab a lot of people’s attention, although I worry that it might get a bit grating upon repeated listenings. Then again, we both LOVE that great big, stadium-friendly “whoa-oh-oh-oh” bridge. This is the strongest song from Finland in years.

One thought on “Finland’s Eurovision 2014 Entry”

  1. Finland: AMAZING national final that ended with a great result. Softengine only need to tidy up their live performance, and they’ll be in for great things in Copenhagen and beyond. 9.75/10 points and 1st on my list.

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