Spain’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

Spain has decided on Ruth Lorenzo and the soaring power ballad “Dancing in the Rain”:

Prior to the national selection, the Spanish broadcasters positioned “Dancing in the Rain” as the choice with “international” appeal, and by international appeal they primarily meant appeal to English-speaking audiences. Ruth Lorenzo will be a familiar face to fans of UK X Factor.  She finished 5th in 2008, and many thought she should have gone further. She has a huge voice and can belt out a tune like anyone’s business. Her achilles heel is a tendency to over-sing, but Lorenzo’s enormous talent is without question.

“Dancing in the Rain” is a serviceable showcase for a great singer. The song builds, and Lorenzo takes you on a journey, supported by her excellent phrasing in Spanish and English.  The song, however, has some weaknesses. The melodic hook will remind children of the 1970s of Melissa Manchester’s “Don’t Cry Out Loud.” Also, the repeated emphasis on “The rain, the rain, the rain” is heavy handed and doesn’t really make any sense in the context of the song. These are minor beefs. On the night, Lorenzo will blow the roof off the B&W Hallerne and rack up points from the juries. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Spain in Britain’s Top 3 this year either. Well done, Spain.

OTHER OBSERVATIONS: We’ve been holding off on remarking about the selection shows and the other singers, but here we can’t resist. Mira quién va a la Eurovisión was a thoroughly entertaining piece of television. Four of five songs, in our opinion, made a legitimate case for a trip to Denmark. Interview segments were punctuated by poignant moments where gifts were given to the contestants.  These gifts gave us a window into the singers’ personal lives and frequently made the candidates very emotional. And, because this is Eurovision, the entire proceedings were observed by a woman in full body makeup to look like Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue.