FYR Macedonia’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

In an internal selection, Macedonia has announced that their representative will be Tijana Dapčević with “To the sky.”

Thank goodness she is going to sing live, because her lip-sync skills in this video leave something to be desired. But I wouldn’t rush to conclusions about her Eurovision prospects based on this performance alone. The song presentation showed us nothing in the way of performance, and this is the kind of number that needs packaging. Tijana is an established recording artist, and a review of her back catalog shows an experienced, polished performer. Her career has primarily been in Serbia, but she is also known more widely in the Balkans.

As for the song, “To the sky” is disposable dance club candy. You enjoy it while it’s there, but it’s not particularly memorable. It’s fine, but whatever.  The DJ is going to need dance music to delight fanboys at the Euroclub. Good Macedonia, always helps.