Poland’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

After a 3-year hiatus Poland is back! Today, Poland announced that they are sending “My Slowianie” by Donatan and Cleo to Copenhagen.

“My Slowianie” (Polish language version) is already a huge hit in Poland. It reached #1 on the Polish pop charts, and as of the time of writing, has been on their charts for 16 weeks. The song has also been something of an internet success. The video currently has over 38 million views on Youtube, and even in today’s parlance, that’s a lot of eyeballs. It’s reached a point in the Polish zeitgeist where it’s being parodied. This parody has 7 million views.

Looking at the timeline, you have to wonder if Poland decided to re-enter the contest specifically for this song. “My Slowianie” was released on November 4, and by November 19, it was clear Donatan and Cleo had a hit. On December 5, Poland announced its return to Eurovision. The English language version of the song was released on February 4, indicating an effort to market it more broadly. In today’s press release, the Polish broadcasters confirmed that they will be presenting a bilingual version of the song. Also, they still have 10 seconds to cut, so the final version is yet to come.

As for our take, “My Slowianie” is “Country Grammar” does “Hora din Moldova.” And we love it as much as Poland does. Other performances, such as this one below, suggest that Cleo will have no problem delivering live. It also looks like they’ve put some thought into the staging.

Igranka“‘s early exit last year left a lot of folks wondering if there is any audience for hip hop at Eurovision. Well, there’s always a first time, and a boatload of momentum going in sure would help. If ever a hip hop song could succeed, this is the one.