Estonia’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

We love Eesti Laul. It’s a lot of fun, it usually has a lot of great music and a lot of eccentric performers, and above any of the other national finals we watch, it has a sense of humor on display. A sense of humor we don’t fully get because we don’t speak Estonian, but still, there is comedy there, and we appreciate it.

But the past few years it has become clear that while Estonia likes its eccentricity during Eesti Laul, it also would rather leave those quirky acts in Estonia and send more conventional songs to Eurovision. Since Malcolm Lincoln got knocked out of Eurovision 2010 in the Semis, Estonia has been represented by two ballads and a pop tune.

And so it continues this year. Estonia could have put its freak flag on display, but instead it went for schlager. Here’s “Amazing” by Tanja:

Apparently, Tanja and her crew saw the staging Georgia did for Sopho Nizharadze’s “Shine” and thought, “What that number needs is more choreography.” It’s ridiculous how much movement Tanja does during her performance, and how it doesn’t seem to impact her vocal performance. After watching the show live in Tallinn, ESC Insight‘s Ewan Spence tweeted, “…they’re going to need to hide that backing singer a little better in Copenhagen.” On TV, we didn’t really notice anything amiss thanks to the camera angles, but we have to admit that it’s incredibly hard choreography to hit and still be able to sing live.

However, it’s the marriage of choreography and song that makes this entry stand out. If Estonia were to tone down the choreography, I don’t know how much of an impression “Amazing” would leave on me. Right now, I’m thinking, “Let the poor woman sing,” but if Tanja did just sing, would I even remember her song at the end of the night? I’m not sure I would.