Denmark’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

Denmark has tasked Basim to defend its Eurovision title with “Cliché Love Song”:

Stop us if you heard this one before: Basim is a former X Factor contestant! He co-wrote his winning song with Lasse Lindorff, Daniel Fält, and Kim Nowak-Zorde. He also co-wrote another entry in the Melodi Grand Prix final, “Vi finder hjem” by Emilie Moldow.

As you can guess from the title, “Cliché Love Song” revels the standard tropes of love songs. Despite its cheekiness, it still comes off as a bit cloying. It’s also relentlessly chipper, befitting the happiest country on earth. Frankly, it would fit right into the regular rotation on Radio Disney. But Basim is an engaging performer, the staging is cute, and the whole thing is slick and professional.

But I am convinced that Basim won the Melodi Grand Prix at this specific moment right here:

You can keep your Azerbaijani showers, Eurovision. Basim has a GIGANTIC DANISH FLAG. I mean, come on, it’s like a NASCAR driver painting his car with military camouflage. A play to national pride never hurts.

STRAY OBSERVATIONS: We talk a lot about how the same songwriters pop up all the time at Melodifestivalen. The same can be said of Melodi Grand Prix. As mentioned, Basim co-wrote two songs. Two of his “Cliché Love Song” co-writers, Lasse Lindorff and Kim Nowak-Zorde, also co-wrote “It Hurts” with five other writers. One of Basim’s co-writers on “Vi finder hjem,” Engelina, co-wrote “She’s the One” with three other writers. And Lars Halvor Jensen co-wrote two songs, “I Choose U” and super-finalist “Wanna Be Loved.” No Ronan Keating this year, though.