Slovenia’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

Tinkara Kovač has been picked to represent Slovenia at Eurovision with “Spet (Round and Round)”:

“Spet” has a bit of a pedigree. Kovač has had a long career in Slovenia, and has made three previous attempts to represent her country. Her best finish before this year was in 1999, when she had won the televote but eventually finished second. The music for “Spet” is by Raay, who was a judge on Misija Evrovija 2012 and served on Slovenia’s national jury for Eurovision 2013. The song’s lyrics are by Kovač, Tina Piš and last year’s Slovenian entry, Hannah Mancini. Presumably the American Mancini provided the English translation used during the bilingual performance, although the lyrics still sound like they’ve been Google-translated:

I’m gonna show you how to breathe
I’m gonna show you how to live
I’m gonna hold your heart in hand
I’m gonna make you understand

You don’t know, you don’t know
Is it love, is it hate
What are you changing (What are we doing)
You don’t know, you don’t know
Can you feel it inside
Feel the roses, feel the pride (Do you believe it)

Round and round again we
Round and round again we
Go-oh-oh-oh, Oh-oh-oh-oh

It’s kind of hard to describe what “Spet” is other than a Eurovision song. It sounds like the writers sat down, listened to mid-90s Eurovision winners, then patched together a quilt of Eurovision tropes. That said, it’s not a bad effort, and I kind of like Kovač rocking the flute during her performance. I assume they’re going to work on the staging, at least so the back-up singers do the finger twirls in sync.

Ultimately, though, I’m not sure it’s memorable enough to make out of the second Semi. Slovenia performs in the second half, and I think “Spet” is going to get overshadowed.