Montenegro’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

After taking a brief break from participation, Montenegro came back to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 with Rambo Amadeus’ “Euro neuro,” a gutsy, if bizarre selection. It kind of felt like Montenegro’s organizers thought, “We never qualify, so let’s just have some fun with it.” Montenegro followed that up in 2013 with Who See’s “Igranka,” which I wasn’t a big fan of initially. That was before (a) my son Kieran became a bit obsessed with it and (b) I witnessed their glorious staging at Eurovision. Montenegrin astronauts, people! A pop-up Nina Žižić! I’m still bummed that it didn’t make the Final.

So I was kind of looking forward to seeing who Montenegro would offer up as their representative this year. When it announced that pop balladeer Sergej Ćetković would be heading to Copenhagen, I was a bit disappointed. Where is the WTF-ery? But then Ćetković presented “Moj Svijet” and everything worked out in the end:

First, this has no bearing on how Ćetković will fare at Eurovision, but how gorgeous is that video? I’m just about ready to book my Montenegrin holiday.

Anyway, Jennifer assigned me to write up “Moj Svijet” because I am a big old fan of Željko Joksimović and this is right out of Željko’s playbook of grand ballads. It starts off a little bit too much like “My Heart Will Go On” with the flute and the fiddle. But once Ćetković’s vocal kicks in, I’m sold. And how about that beautiful instrumental bridge? Suddenly I don’t hate flutes and fiddles anymore.

The only real complaint I have about “Moj Svijet” is the ending. After all the build-up over the course of the song, it just STOPS. Ćetković hits a big note and then there is a limp flourish on the strings to finish. It’s like he realized he was getting too close to the three minute mark and rushed to end the song. Hopefully, Montenegro can tweak that before the first Semi on May 6.