Germany’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

Elaiza has been picked to represent Germany at Eurovision in Copenhagen with “Is It Right”:

Before Unser Song für Dänemark, the producers held an open call for artists. Over two thousand acts applied, and the producers picked 10 artists to compete in a wild card show. Elaiza won that show, which gave them a chance to compete in the Unser Song final against seven established artists, including 2010 Bundesvision Song Contest winner Unheilig.

Given that, Elaiza looked more like buskers than seasoned performers. Of course, we might have gotten that feeling from one of their Unser Song video packages, where they were performing in front of the Brandenburg Gate.


Going with fresh-faced, unpolished acts has brought Germany Eurovision success in recent years, and after getting away from that in 2013, Germany is back on track. Elaiza’s combo of accordion and upright bass is cool, and they have a charismatic lead singer in Elzbieta Steinmetz. “Is It Right” has a minimalist arrangement and a funky, folksy style that gives off a steampunk vibe. It has a catchy hook that stands out and Steinmetz sings it for all her worth. I’m not sure it’s a song I am going to play on heavy rotation when we get the Eurovision 2014 album, but I think it will play well on the Eurovision stage.