Georgia’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

Georgia has gotten all prog on us! Here is The Shin & Mariko with “Three Minutes to Earth”:

The Shin formed in Germany in 1998 and are named after the Georgian phrase for returning home. They describe their sounds as… well, as a lot of things, if you read the bio on their website. Jazz scat, funk and fusion, flamenco… there’s a lot of going on. The Shin are joined by Georgian jazz singer Mariko Ebralidze on “Three Minutes to Earth.”

My mother was a big fan of prog rock when I was a kid. I think she had just about every Emerson Lake & Palmer and Yes album, plus a few Moody Blues and Jethro Tull albums for good measure. (Also Black Sabbath.) I grew up on prog rock, and “Three Minutes to Earth” fits right in. My first reaction to it was, “I need to hear that again.” Because that’s what you do with prog rock. You listen to it again to pick up what you missed the first time.

The problem is that Eurovision Song Contest is about songs that have an immediate impact. If you want votes, you need to get your hooks into the voting public on the first listen. “Three Minutes to Earth” does not do that. I mean, it’s got hooks. It’s got a lot of hooks. Those hooks come at you fast and furious and then the song is over before you can catch your breath. I love it, but I have a feeling I’m going to be one of the few who does.

4 thoughts on “Georgia’s Eurovision 2014 Entry”

  1. Finally, someone else on the Internet who loves this as much as I do! I found the song totally impenetrable the first time I listened to it, which was two days ago. I’ve played it dozens of times since then and enjoy it more each time. Just when you think it can’t get any more complicated, they quote a tiny snippet of a Johann Sebastian Bach violin piece and then start weaving fragments of that into the rest of the mix. Even the mime artist is good. I completely agree with you in that it’s likely to flop at Eurovision, but isn’t it great that it even got there in the first place?

    Long-time reader, first-time commenter (seriously, you deserve more comments!). Yours is by far and away my favourite Eurovision blog. Best wishes from London, UK!

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