Moldova’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

Cristina Scarlat’s “Wild Soul” is this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entry from Moldova:

This is Scarlat’s third attempt to represent Moldova at Eurovision. She came in third last year and 11th in 2011. She has also been a vocal coach for Moldovan Junior Eurovision acts. “Wild Soul” was composed by Corneliu Bucataru and Ivan Akulov with lyrics by Lidia Scarlat, who is not only Cristina’s niece but also the current lead singer of Cuibul, this year’s interval act at the Moldovan national final.

Lyrically, “Wild Soul” is made up of angst-ridden teenage poetry: “What am I/I’m a human/What am I/An emotion/Time and space can lie to us while we sleep.” “The world can play a joke on each of us any time.” “Mercy/I have no feelings of mercy.” Gack. At least the dull, repetitive melodies and plodding arrangement support those lyrics well. It’s all a bit of a dirge.

Scarlat brings some gravitas, and she sells the whole package pretty well. However, the staging from the Moldovan national final did her no favors. The costumes, the choreography, that bendy mirror thing… everything but the remote control drones needs to go. “Wild Soul” is a song that demands a diva turn, and all that other stuff around Scarlat are just annoyances. But it’s a smart bet that Moldova will figure this out and put in the work to stage it more effectively. Pity she can’t lose the song too.

STRAY OBSERVATIONS: Poor Boris Covali. This is the second year in a row he’s won the televote, only to be spiked by the jury. Maybe he shouldn’t have switched songs?