EuroBelgium and Eurovision Lemurs Team Up

Didier Verleyen runs the EuroBelgium page on Facebook, and he asked us if we would like to team up with him to review all of the songs at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We’re both rating the songs on a 1-10 scale for quality of song, originality, and Eurovision-worthiness. It was a lot of fun for us to put together, and it’s even more fun to see how Didier is ranking the songs compared to how we did. Like EuroBelgium on Facebook read a new review each day!

2 thoughts on “EuroBelgium and Eurovision Lemurs Team Up”

  1. Hello,

    Does this mean you will not be publishing here your traditional comments and predictions for this year’s Eurovision?

    1. Hi Luiz, no worries, we’re still planning to do our usual preview posts. We’ve been quiet lately, but are about to start posting again soon!

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