Rehearsal Roundup: The 2014 Big 6

The Big 6 are on a rather different rehearsal schedule from the rest, squeezed in between Semifinal run throughs. The post catches up on yesterday’s rehearsal action.

Germany has gone for a straightforward staging. Some streamers come down from the ceiling, but there’s little else in the way of razzle dazzle. Germany has drawn the first half of the show and is likely to get an early placement from the Danish organizers. As well as Elżbieta is singing, Elaiza seems destined for a bottom three finish.

Spain has gone all in with the rain. Wisely, Spain has allowed Ruth to stand in one spot and do what she does best, which is sing the hell of her song. With the exception of Austria we don’t have any other divas that can belt out a number like her. Ruth hasn’t been getting much respect from the English language fans, but the Spanish fans are feeling her. I’m with the Spanish fans on this one. Spain has worked it out, and I think she’s going to surprise a lot of folks on Saturday. Spain has a second half draw.

United Kingdom is playing up the anthem like qualities of the song. They’ve put the band on stage and the first half of the song is a concert staging. Molly is in a short gold dress with feathers on the shoulder pads. The backing singers are in black, also with feathers on the shoulderpads. There’s a nice Chinese lantern effect in the middle and they’ll use a fire curtain for the final refrain. She’s singing with just the right amount of grit. They’re doing everything by the book, and United Kingdom has drawn the second half. It’s one of the UK’s best efforts in years. It’d be nice to see them rewarded.

Italy is opening their performance with Emma is a white diaphanous cape. No idea why. But that gets lost tout suite, revealing a short white dress with tons of gold. Emma’s performance relies on a lot of bad girl rock posing. Color me unimpressed. Italy has drawn the second half.

France has complemented its high energy dance tune with color vomit. The second rehearsal suggested they are now doing a better job at covering the stage than in the first rehearsal. Encouragingly, they sound good even with all the movement.  For Twin Twin, success rests on giving the audience a good time. From what I can see, they were doing a pretty good job of having fun up there themselves. However, this one is hard to assess without a look at the camera angles. France has drawn the second half.

Denmark’s staging feels ripped from a jukebox musical. Straightforward lighting, tuxedos just a touch dressed down, high energy, and lots of simple choreography for everyone. Their big reveal is a huge tacky flag with Basim’s face and a red heart that says “Love.” They’re sounding good, but for me the flag is a turnoff. The song is still crazy catchy though. Denmark has drawn spot #23, in the second half.