Macedonia’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

While Eurofans are gearing up for this weekend’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta, people in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia selected their representative at the next Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Here is Daniel Kajmakoski with “Lisja esenski”:

It’s not bad, right? It has simple melodies that Kajmakoski can riff off of, and it has a big chorus for him to sell. It also has a well-constructed arrangement that gives the stage producers marks to build around. (I fear there is going to be a fire curtain to punctuate that pause between the verse and the chorus.)

Kajmakoski has an amiable voice and some brooding charisma, but his performance was punctuated by a lot of unfocused movement. I was distracted by all of the hand gestures, lip licking, looks around the stage, rock star posing, and occasional dance moves. (Although, to be fair, if you wear yellow shoes, you have to show them off.) Goodness knows he has plenty of time to reign in that ragged energy so he can deliver a smooth performance in Vienna.

We’ve been following Eurovision closely long enough now to tell that “Lisja esenski” is not going to be one of those tracks we listen to obsessively. It’s pleasant, but it doesn’t excite us.