Belarus’ Eurovision 2015 Entry

Uzari and Maimuna will represent Belarus at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with “Time”:

Third time’s the charm for Uzari, who previously vied for a spot in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 and 2013 (although he did back up Anastasia Vinnikova on 2011’s “I Love Belarus”). He is joined by Malian-Belorussian violinist Maimuna, who has done a violin-based remix of  “Gangnam Style” and whose website biography is fabulous; “On the Way to Olympus” by way of Vienna!

“Time” doesn’t do much for me as a song. It’s kind of a bland pop take on Trans-Siberian Orchestra. But I like how Uzari sings it, and I think he and Maimuna are going to sell it well. Plus the staging at the Belorussian National Final seems to have been designed for the big Eurovision stage, with its interactive graphics and 3D visual effects.  This could be a fun one to see on the big stage, even if I won’t be bumping the song in my vehicle any time soon.