Georgia’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Nina Sublatti has been chosen to represent Georgia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with “Warrior” (no, not that Warrior,” this one):

Okay, so am I the only one who wants Georgia to include the Christmas tree in the staging?

Anyway, this “Warrior” has got an 1980s rock vibe to it, maybe if Pat Benatar had done a song for the old Footloose soundtrack. The track that was presented in Georgia was about 20 seconds too long, so they’ll need to make some nips and tucks in arrangement for it to be Eurovision ready. Frankly, that’ll be just fine, because the chorus is repeated a bit too much at the end anyway.

Per Wiwibloggs, Sublatti is a musician and model who won Georgian Idol in 2013. During her performance video, she wavers between giving us face and model-like indifference, but I think that’s understandable seeing as she is singing on a small stage by herself in a television studio. There are moments that give me hope that she will be delightful on the Eurovision stage. Those moments all involve her hard, aggressive arm gestures.

As a singer, she does the rocker chic thing fine in her lower register, but she needs to be careful on pitch when navigating the break between head and chest voice. For her to shine in Vienna, we want to see more connection with the camera and consistent assertiveness.

I am hoping that Georgia goes for some over the top staging to accentuate the warrior theme: swords, whips, chains, timpani, FIRE, the whole Svetlana Loboda. It could be brilliant.