France’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Lisa Angell will represent France at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with “N’oubliez pas”:

Angell first performed “N’oubliez pas” (“Do not forget”) during a concert held as France commemorated the 100th anniversary of World War I, but the song is intended to be more of a universal statement about war. Because the song is in French, I don’t know how much its themes will resonate with the general Eurovision audience unless the staging specifically draws attention to them.

Lisa is an established cabaret performer, with a big, clear voice. She should have no problem selling “N’oubliez pas.” The question is whether or not we will buy it. In recent years, ballads like “N’oubliez pas” make the Final, but then drop like a rock when the final tallies come in. I don’t really expect anything different here.

UPDATED 5 MARCH 2015: The video is from Lisa’s official presentation of “N’oubliez pas” on the Chico And The Gypsies, Le Grand Show on 28 February 2015. She sings it well, but the song still does not strike me as one that gets people to pick up their phones and vote.