Denmark’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Anti Social Media has won the right to represent Denmark and to reply to about a thousand questions about their band name at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest:

Anti Social Media’s styling gave me hope that “The Way You Are” would be a Ruben Cossani-style lounge-pop single. It did have a certain 1960s guitar pop savior faire, but I admit it lacked the swankiness I desired. Still, it did contain a healthy dollop of Denmark’s Eurovision 2008 entry “All Night Long.” I wouldn’t say it’s a rip off (the way, say,  Thomas G:Son and Henrik Sethsson ripped off their own “In a Moment Like This” with “Mi Amore“), but it’s hard to listen to this one without imagining Simon Mathew strutting around the stage.

Nevertheless, you’ve got a good-looking, amiable quartet of lads, dressed impeccably, performing a catchy, upbeat love song. You would have to have problems with puppies and rainbows to begrudge Anti Social Media’s success at this year’s Melodi Grand Prix.

One thought on “Denmark’s Eurovision 2015 Entry”

  1. While the melody is catchy, something is lacking in this song, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

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