Italy’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Il Volo, come back to the United States! PBS needs you for another pledge concert!

Italy has chosen “Grande Amore,” the winner of this year’s prestigious Sanremo festival, as its 2015 Eurovision representative. Il Volo is made up of three dewy, sexy, youthful Italian opera-trained singers – tenors Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, and baritone Gianluca Ginoble. At this point, I think we’re all familiar with the formula (Il Divo, 3 Tenors, 3 Welsh Tenors, 3 Irish Tenors, etc.).

Il Volo is already known internationally. Their 2011 self-titled album cracked the Top 10 album sales in many European and North American countries, U.S. included. They did a massive push on American media to promote the album – making appearances on Good Morning America, The Talk, American Idol, and, indeed, their own PBS special. The trio performed “O Sole Mio” on American Idol (for those of you who still watch American Idol). At the time, the boys were 16 and 17. The performance was really quite impressive:

Since then, Il Volo has toured worldwide, playing all sorts of amazing dates. They did a Nobel Prize Concert. They joined Barbra Streisand on the North American leg of her tour, and the woman never tours. They wrapped on a US/Canada tour last summer, and finally toured Italy for the first time late last year.

All fine and well, you may say, but how’s “Grande Amore,” the Eurovision song? Answer: it’s exactly what you expect it to be. Professional, grandiose, and full of Italian machismo. And by the by, the boys are way, waaaay hotter now. Et tu, Ignazio? And we are in love with Piero’s eyewear.

There’s so much alpha male-ness going on, in fact, that we were reminded of this bit from Jon Stewart:

Once again, Italy is a making a bold statement to the countries of the EBU that it is not messing around.

Touch it. Please.