Iceland’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Did you like “Only Teardrops” but wished it was more appropriate for Radio Disney? Have we got the song for you! María Ólafsdóttir will represent Iceland in Vienna with her song “Unbroken”:

“Unbroken” is a slick, contemporary pop song and it is staged within an inch of its life. You know that the staging you saw at Söngvakeppnin 2015 is the staging you’re going to see at Eurovision Song Contest 2015, although probably with a confetti cannon or a fire curtain thrown in at the end.

It all feels so calculated. Fortunately María has enough charm and charisma to imbue “Unbroken” with some soul. She is a great singer and she has a lot of poise. She might be a little too manic pixie dream girl for us, but she should be able to carry Iceland a long way at this year’s Grand Prix.