Estonia’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

At long last, Stig Rästa has made it to Eurovision, representing Estonia alongside Elina Born with “Goodbye to Yesterday”:

ESC Insider and ESC Insight’s Samantha Ross estimates that “Goodbye to Yesterday” is Stig’s ninth attempt to represent Estonia either as a performer or a songwriter. He wrote “Enough” for Elina in 2013 and came painfully close to winning Eesti Laul in 2011 with Outloudz’ “I Wanna Meet Bob Dylan.” We’ve never been particular fans of his, but we’re always happy when someone who has been at it for a long time and clearly wants the chance to represent their country at Eurovision finally gets their shot.

“Goodbye to Yesterday” has the retro surfer-noir sound that made Chris Isaak famous. As a duet, it evokes Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra or Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan. The staging at Eesti Laul, with the black and white filter and the undone costumes, accentuate that retro feel.

It’s alright, I guess, but once the verse is finished, Elina and Stig just sing the chorus over and over again for over a minute. If you like the chorus, then I suppose that’s great, but it’s not to our personal tastes. Moreover, Stig especially seemed to struggle singing “Goodbye to Yesterday” live, mumbling through the lyrics when using his lower register. He will need to work on that before May if he and Elina want to make it to the Grand Prix final in Vienna.