Latvia’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Aminata has been selected to represent Latvia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Love Injected”:

Aminata is no stranger to Latvian television, having participated in three different shows in her teens. She also was back-up singer for Jānis Stībelis when he entered “Let It Be Me” into Eirodziesma 2011. She finished fifth in last year’s Dziesma with her song “I Can Breathe.”

“Love Injected” is not just a big step forward for Aminata as a songwriter, but for Latvia, which sent the charmlessly amateurish “Cake to Bake” last year. It is sparse and sultry, with a great big burst of a chorus. It wouldn’t be out of place on SomaFM’s Lush station.

We liked Aminata immediately, but we were not into “Love Injected” at first. But the more we listen to it, the more we like it. And that brings us to our one concern. One hard and fast rule of Eurovision is that an entry needs to land an immediate impact to qualify for the Finals. Our fear is that “Love Injected” is a grower, a song that needs to creep slowly into your soul. (Think “Siren” by Malcom Lincoln.)

We hope that we’re wrong and Aminata carries Latvia to the Final. At the very least, “Love Injected” joins the ranks of songs that are too cool for Eurovision.