Hungary’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Boggie will represent Hungary at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Wars for Nothing”:

Boggie (Boglárka Csemer) is best known for her song “Nouveau Parfum” (“Parfüm” in Hungarian), which was a number one hit in Hungary. The song’s video shows Boggie being edited in Photoshop as she sings. It is a stunningly good video that gained some international attention.

If only her Eurovision entry were as good as that. Of course, I admit to being biased against this sort of holier-than-thou socially conscious message ballad. It’s like a sledgehammer of earnestness banging on my guilt-ridden soul.

To be fair, the melody is simple and compelling, and Boggie and her back-up singers sing it beautifully. Try to get this out of your head an hour after listening to it.

Maybe the problem isn’t with the song, but with my own cynicism. Maybe my give a damn’s busted. Maybe some internal reflection and a donation to a worthy cause will help me appreciate “Wars for Nothing” more. Let me dig a little deeper…





No, sorry. Nothing.

P.S. Don’t die, Europe!