Spain’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Edurne will be representing Spain at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with “Amanecer.”

Edurne is a pop singer who first gained national attention on Operación Triunfo, a Spanish variation on the Idol format. She has since had a couple of top 10 hits in Spain and played Sandy in a production of Grease.

“Amanecer” was written by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Peter Boström and Thomas G:son. This is the seventh song G:son has contributed to the 2015 Eurovision season; his songs for Spain and Georgia are on their way to Vienna, plus he wrote one song for Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix and four songs for Sweden’s Melodifestivalen. Even if he is collaborating with other songwriters, G:son is cranking out songs at such a rate that you have to wonder how interesting and original his contributions can possibly be. Frankly, neither “Amanecer” or “Warrior” are particularly memorable. Moreover, his contribution to Denmark, “Mi Amore,” rehashed his earlier Danish entry “A Moment Like This.”

“Amancer” is pretty and Edurne is pretty and she sings it real pretty, but since when is resting on pretty enough? It’s a safe song, but safe songs are not ones that get people to pick up the phone to vote. There needs to be some sort of spark in the staging, or else this is just going to fade away at the end of the night.