Greece’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Maria-Elena Kyriakou will represent Greece in Vienna this year with “One Last Breath”:

Maria-Elena is a Greek-Cypriot singer who won the first season of The Voice of Greece last year. She co-wrote the music to her Eurosong 2015-winning song. However, someone else wrote the horrible, desperately co-dependent lyrics:

You killed me and I’m done, without a gun

I’m begging you, take me wherever you have gone/Come back and save me, don’t want to be alone

I’m begging you, take me out of this fiery hell

Of course, Maria-Elena is heaving and gasping so much as she sings “One Last Breath” that I don’t believe she has just the one last breath. Way to betray the character of your song, Maria-Elena!

The music is suitably melodramatic. The big swell of strings, the back-up vocals ripped from Carmina Burana, and the accelerated tempo as the song climaxes gives the effect of increased desperation, which fits the lyrical theme of the song. That being said, I find the whole package an absolute slog to listen to.

But it’s hard to make a prognosis at this point. Usually Greece pulls it together in the end, even when they send something seemingly unpromising. Here’s hoping they have some magic up their sleeves for this one.