Moldova’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Moldova has selected Eduard Romanyuta with “I Want Your Love”:

Eduard Romanyuta is a Ukrainian singer who has performed mostly in Ukraine and neighboring Eastern European countries. He competed in Ukrainian national selection shows from 2011-2013, finishing as high as 3rd in 2013. With Ukraine sitting out this year, Moldova presented an opportunity for Romanyuta to raise his profile.

The song has been a controversial choice for Moldova.  Romanyuta speaks no Romanian, and during the Moldovan selection he spoke with the hosts in English. After winning, he switched to Russian, which did not sit well with many Moldovan fans. Beyond Romanyuta’s national indifference, many close observers (including Eurovision veteran and fellow competitor Pasha Parfeny) accused Team Romanyuta of buying the vote. Moldova has never had a reputation for holding a democratic selection process, but this year the accusations of corruption and general shenanigans reached a fever pitch. The seams were showing, it seems.

Taking the song and artist on their own merits, “I Want Your Love” is unoriginal, derivative of early 2000s pop. The verse is verbatim Liberty X’s “Just a Little,” and the music production is Britney Spears circa “Oops I Did it Again.” In an half-hearted attempt to make it feel more contemporary, the chorus uses a melody similar to Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty.” Romanyuta’s boyish tenor is well-suited to the pop dance genre and he’s a good enough live singer, but the Moldovan staging included a lot of dancing that drew his pitch off, so that’s a worry. Romanyuta’s image is Kid Rock, which, given the genre, is kind of weird.

Leonard Cohen it ain’t, but I can’t help but like it. “I Want Your Love” is a song I want to sing and dance along to. It’s unintentionally cheesy, and it makes me laugh, a guilty pleasure that I’ll be enjoying for many years to come.