Romania’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Voltaj will represent Romania at Eurovision after winning Selecția Națională 2015 with “De la capăt”:

Voltaj formed in 1982 and has undergone a number of line-up changes over its 30 year history. Frontman Călin Goia joined in 1998, and the current line-up has been together since 2002. They won the award for Best Romanian Act at the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards.

De la capăt” is about the plight of Romanian children who are left behind by parents working in Western Europe. The band has started a campaign to raise awareness of the issue. Călin told Eurovision’s official website, “Last year’s contest has shown that songs with a serious social message have done extremely well – Conchita Wurst won for Austria, and the Hungarian song also reached the fourth place.”

They have released an English version called “All Over Again” and they are considering performing this version in Vienna:

I hope Voltaj performs the English version at Eurovision. The message is heartbreaking and needs to be heard. Depicting how immigration impacts on the home front as parents seek work in wealthier countries is not just an issue in Romania, it is an issue all along the Danube. (And the Rio Grande, for that matter.) Performing it in English will make lyrics understandable to a broader audience, calling better attention to the social problem.

“De la capăt” packs a punch because it’s about something specific, something the artists relate to. Contrast it with Hungary’s “Wars for Nothing,” which will be in the same half of Romania’s Semifinal draw. “Wars for Nothing” is so broad it feels like it’s about nothing. Of course, my utter loathing towards “Wars for Nothing” may be clouding my judgement. I still expect both songs to make the Final.