Austria’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

The Makemakes have been tasked with defending Austria’s title at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with “I Am Yours”:

Hailing from the state of Salzburg (the state, not the city), The Makemakes are a rock trio named after the dwarf planet Makemake. They’ve had two top 10 hit singles already in Austria. Their 2012 single “The Lovercall” was accompanied by rumors that lead singer Dominic “Dodo” Muhrer was the illegitimate son of Oscar-winning actor Christoph Walz.

The Austrian selection show Wer singt für Österreich? paired its participating artists with established songwriters from around the world to write new songs to compete in Eurovision. The Makemakes collaborated with Jimmy Harry on “I Am Yours.” A Los Angeles-based producer, Harry co-wrote RuPaul’s hit “Supermodel (You Better Work).” He has gone on to work with Pink, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, and Britney Spears, and he also co-wrote Wer singt’s second place finisher, Dawa’s “Feel Alive.”

“I Am Yours” is a Southern rock ballad that would not be out of place in the Lynyrd Skynyrd catalog. It’s a deceptively simple melody that soars with a great piano-supported orchestration. Dodo’s raspy, smoky vocal is powerful at the right times and yet the chorus, sung partly in falsetto, underscores emotional vulnerability. Also, I have to admit I enjoyed the piano on fire. We’ve seen that gimmick a couple of times in other national finals, and it’s high time we got a flaming piano in the big leagues.

Jen and I disagree to a certain extent on this song. I think its retro feel is a detriment and it won’t be able to stand out. Jen thinks that this song plays well to the Makemakes strengths, and folks will recognize how strong the songwriting really is. Either way, we agree that “I Am Yours” is a quality song and a more than respectable follow-up to Austria’s Eurovision-winning song.

2 thoughts on “Austria’s Eurovision 2015 Entry”

  1. This is a tough one for me to predict. We’ve seen songs of this ilk do incredibly well, but also very badly. It will all depend on how they stage it, as well as the luck of the draw (the only country for which this can be said; the hosts obviously don’t get to place themselves, and not everyone is going to get as lucky as Denmark did last year).

  2. They drew #14, which isn’t necessarily a bad pick. It keeps them in the hunt. We expect that they’ll go for a concert staging like at WSFÖ. The other thing to consider is that their sound is different from the others. I don’t know. We don’t make predictions anymore until we see how they all fit together. Except for Sweden of course 😉

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