Norway’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

When I was 15 I loved The Phantom of the Opera. I listened to the soundtrack A LOT. My passion for that score spilled over to other Victorian monster musicals–Jekyll & Hyde, Ken Hill’s the Phantom of the Opera. I also listened to the Smiths a lot.

If I had heard Norway’s “A Monster Like Me” when I was 15, I would have totally obsessed over it.

“A Monster Like Me” was written by singer-songwriter Mørland. Mørland was the front man of Absent Elk, a British indie rock band that sounded like Hard-Fi and released a couple singles in 2009 that didn’t go anywhere on the UK charts. He is now pursuing a solo career in Norway. He is joined by Debrah Scarlett, a Norwegian-Swiss singer who competed on The Voice Norway 2013 under her real name Joanna Bussinger. The song has a stripped down arrangement and uses negative space to depict alienation and regret. There’s a triumphant point at the 2:15 mark, where the two hit their big notes in harmony and the camera does this dizzying spinning trick around them.

Unfortunately, I am not 15 anymore. Now, all I hear is a melodramatic ballad full of angst and self-pity. It’s utterly sincere in its intention. With “A Monster Like Me,” I feel this visceral need to inject satire, slap it in the face, something, anything to snap it out of its pathetic, self-serving funk. Ironically, Forgetting Sarah Marshall already did it back in 2008 with the Dracula song:

Timing is everything I guess.

2 thoughts on “Norway’s Eurovision 2015 Entry”

  1. The song is okay, I guess, but I really enjoy it when Norway sends a song like “I Feed You My Love.” Margaret Berger was great that year! This song is just like 15 other brooding songs in Eurovision this year (coughcough Estonia). Norway really should have sent Karin Park’s “Human Beings.” That song is already on my Spotify list and has been listened to repeatedly!

  2. Oh, glad to see I’m not the only one who can’t really stand this song. It feels like a fake overblown kitsch to me that tries very hard to be something it really isn’t. Plus, she can’t sing the damn thing.

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