Israel’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Nadav Guedj will represent Israel in Vienna with “Golden Boy” and we could not be happier about it!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much this song delights us. It is catchy, a bit silly, and wildly entertaining. Plus, before Nadav leaves, he’s gonna show us Tel Aviv! It will be a short tour, though, because as he says, “OK we gotta go. Three minutes. Bye bye!”

“Golden Boy” starts off as a ballad, the way Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” does. Then it kicks in and becomes a pop R&B number. And then the chorus goes all Mediterreanean dance, which ties the intro and the verse together with a tidy golden bow. It is an absolute blast.

Doron Medalie is the creative force behind the song. He is a music insider who sat on last year’s Israeli jury and was previously involved with Israel’s 2008, 2010, and 2013 Eurovision efforts. (In other words, he let Moran Mazor wear that dress.) He wrote the song and lyrics to “Golden Boy” and did a lot of the press when Israel announced their choice. “Golden Boy” is Israel’s first entry to be sung entirely in English, and until we hear otherwise we’ll assume he had a hand in that decision.

Nadav is just 16 years old. I was a bit surprised to see how young he was, but watching the video, I can believe it. He performs with a youthful exuberance and without any sort of self-consciousness. He is incredibly green: he won הכוכב הבא (Rising Star), a talent show in the Idol vein, so there is a good chance the hugeness of Eurovision could overwhelm him. On the other hand, he does have some experienced support behind him thanks to Doron’s involvement. Hopefully Nadav just goes out there and shows as much joy as he does in the video for “Golden Boy.” Then he is going to earn that self-proclaimed title King of Fun.

3 thoughts on “Israel’s Eurovision 2015 Entry”

  1. He’s 16!?!?!? He looks waaaaaay older than that!

    Like you guys, I love this song. So catchy and fun, and the kid can sing, too. I like that it has Middle Eastern elements. It’s kind of disappointing not to hear to many traditional influences in the Eurovision songs this year- there’s no reason not to combine traditional sounds with a modern twist like this entry. I love the shout out to the three minute rule. I still think Italy has a better song than this and will win it, but this entry should do well- Australia’s entry is along this line, too.

    And I loved me some Moran Mazor and “Rak Bishvilo”, but I hated her dress. They could have done better with that.

  2. This will definitely stand out as one of the very few uptempo songs this year, as well as one of the few that has recognizably “ethno” elements to it. I’m not as overwhelmed by it as some people apparently are, but I still like it and hope it makes the final. Then again, this is Israel – Europe gave “Same Heart” and “Rak bishvilo” the cold shoulder, this might become another upset along those lines. But my guess is it won’t.

  3. It’s funny to me that people are surprised that he is 16. He totally looks 16 to me, but maybe it’s an Israeli thing. There were ton of kids in my school who looked like him.

    As for Moran’s dress – to Doron’s defense, she was pretty adamant, and there was a very small team behind to be able to sway her opinion. With the commercial channel being behind the selection this time around, there’s a much bigger team this time around with quite a few powerful people from the industry involved.

    That kind of entry is really way overdue for Israel, considering that ethnic style (English aside) is easily the most popular genre in Israel and has been so for many years. The composer of the entry has been in charge of many many mega hits in Israel in that genre. And just to prove a point, in its first week, the song has been in the top places of the radio airplay charts every day in Israel, which never happens with ESC entries.

    All that, of course, means nothing in terms of actual Eurovision success, although my feeling is that picking a fun, Eurovisionish song in a year that has almost none of that, is the best timing to send such songs, with the biggest question mark being whether he can take the stress of such a big stage.

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