Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

The Czech Republic returns to Eurovision after a six-year absence with “Hope Never Dies” by Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta:

Thought Norway’s “A Monster Like Me” was way too chipper? Have a listen to this:

Wait for me, don’t cross the sea of pain/Wait for me, I’m lost, I’ve gone astray

Ravens calling my name, their wings so dark

There is no light to pray for/cold and dim are the skies

Call the song “Nevermore” and you could build a musical about Edgar Allen Poe around it.

It’s not surprising that Václav, who wrote the music to “Hope Never Dies,” has a musical theater background. He has been in Aida and Jesus Christ Superstar and recently played Lurch in The Addams Family.

Marta has also done musical theater, but is primarily known as a rock singer in the Czech Republic and in Germany. She is a veteran of two Bundesvision Song Contests, Stefan Raab’s German riff on Eurovision. She teamed up with the band Oomph! to win Bundesvision 2007 with “Träumst du?” She also performed with the Finnish band Apocalyptica at Bundesvision 2005.

I don’t particularly care for the song. Given Marta’s metal background, it should have gone for a Gothic prog metal arrangement than for the overwrought ballad arrangement here. But I have hope that the Czechs will go fully theatrical in their staging: capes and candles and black lipstick and skintight outfits accentuating Marta and Václav’s impossible curves. (I mean, look at his arms. LOOK AT THEM! TRY TO LOOK AWAY!) Goodness knows they need something to stand out.

Over the three years the Czech Republic has entered the Song Contest, they have scored a total of 10 points. Nine of those points were from one act. Will this song break into double digit points? Well, you know what they say: hope never dies!

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  1. This reminds me of Iceland’s 2012 entry “Never Forget” – dark, atmospheric duet featuring a man and a woman basically begging each other not to let go. Iceland easily made the final with their song, so why shouldn’t this? I do agree, though, that this could have been better – I was constantly waiting for the real big metal chorus to come crashing in, and it never does (apparently, this isn’t the only 2015 song with a chorus issue, Montenegro having a similar problem).

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