Russia’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Polina Gagarina has been chosen to sing Russia’s third annual Eurovision entry about how we all should just get along and live in peace. Here’s “A Million Voices”:

Polina is a past winner of Star Factory, a long-running Russian talent reality show. She had a number three hit in Russia and a number one hit in Ukraine with her 2012 single “Нет” (“Nyet”). Hopefully, she also has thick skin if the Vienna audience reacts to points given to Russia the way the Copenhagen audience did last year.

Three of the songwriters that penned “A Million Voices” were responsible for Dina Garipova’s mawkish 2013 entry “What if,” a thematically-similar ballad. “A Million Voices” is a definite improvement on their previous work. It is a soaring Eurovision anthem, and Russia will probably stage it beautifully and nab itself another top 10 finish.

I will say we are a bit tired of all these relentlessly sincere “Imagine” wannabes, but it feels like that’s just us. So long as songs like this continue to get votes, they’ll continue to be pepper Song Contests in the years to come.

But, it’s less schlocky than “Wars for Nothing,” so that’s something.

STRAY OBSERVATIONS: The first line of this song is “We are the world’s people,” but I first heard it as “We are the worst people.” I am such a product of the decadent West.