San Marino’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

San Marino has given Valentina Monetta a well-deserved break and chosen Anita Simoncini and Michele Perniola to wave the Sammarinese flag in Vienna with “Chain of Lights”:

Both Anita Simoncini and Michele Perniola are veterans of Junior Eurovision. Michele represented San Marino at Junior Eurovision 2013, and Anita followed the next year as a member of The Peppermints (alongside Michele’s sister Raffaella).

As has been the case the previous three years, San Marino’s entry was written by Eurovision legend Ralph Siegel. “Chain of Lights” reunites Ralph with lyricist Bernd Meinunger (writing here as John O’Flynn). They co-wrote the Eurovision-winning “Ein bißchen Frieden” and the camp classics “Dschinghis Khan” and “Papa Pingouin.”

Their latest effort is a strange song. “Chain of Lights” sports some pretty melodies and some nice touches in the arrangement. I like the staccato strings and the pinging piano during the first verse. But it also has a lot of musical flourishes and slight key changes that knock it off-kilter. It doesn’t completely work as a cohesive song, but I can’t say it’s not interesting.

“Chain of Lights” is not interesting lyrically, though. It is yet another 2015 entry about how we all should just get along and live in peace (see also: Russia). It’s similar to the songwriters’ 2006 song for Switzerland “If We All Give a Little.” There’s even (intentionally? unintentionally?) a musical reference to it at the two-minute mark.

But, it’s less schlocky than “Wars for Nothing,” so that’s something.

STRAY OBSERVATIONS: Did the official video of this three-minute song really need to have a minute and a half credit roll at the end of it?