Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2015 Entry

Elnur Hüseynov returns to the Eurovision Song Contest to perform “Hour of the Wolf” for Azerbaijan.

This is not Elnur’s first time at the rodeo. In 2008, Elnur teamed up with Samir Javadzadeh for Azerbaijan’s Eurovision debut, the utterly insane “Day After Day.” Since then, he won O Ses Türkiye (The Voice of Turkey). Elnur comes back to the Song Contest a much more refined and confident performer.

What strikes us most about his vocal on “Hour of the Wolf” is how restrained it is. Part of what made “Day After Day” so nutty was how out of control he was. He and Samir seemed to be in a caterwauling competition (which, to be fair, Samir won with his gargled bleating). Elnur still has the potential to indulge himself: take a listen to his version of “Goldeneye” on O Ses Türkiye. With “Hour of the Wolf,” he fully explores the emotional landscape of the song, but he doesn’t cross the line to over-emoting.

I try not to harp on quality of English anymore, but I have to say how impressed we are with how well Elnur sings the English lyrics here. Compare this track to the recorded version of “Day After Day” and it is clear how much he has improved his diction. In the clips we saw from O Ses Türkiye, he was singing his English phonetically, which sounded a bit stilted, but showed he has been working on his pronunciation.

We both really like “Hour of the Wolf”. It’s beautifully orchestrated and has a haunting melody and powerful lyrics. Hopefully, Azerbaijan will show the same kind of maturity that Elnur has on the recorded track when they stage it. It is a strong enough song that he could sell it without needing acrobats trapped in a box wearing angel’s wings.

Although we must confess, we secretly hope Elnur will be wearing this when he takes the stage in Vienna.


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  1. I assume we’re safe in the acrobat department – this song needs all the backing singers it can get and have them be completely focused on singing. I’m fairly certain they’ll nail the vocal arrangement of that, though, and mind you, in the one year they won it was with 6 people on stage only singing the song and using the resources the stage had to make a spectacle.

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