Georgia’s Eurovision 2017 Entry

It’s a tumultuous week, what with all the war and terrorism, paranoia, needless travel bans, grandiose plans to build walls, and all sorts of other things that test our faith in humanity. So it’s nice to have Eurovision back to remind us what is good and fun on this earth and to offer us escape from the dreariness of the real world. So let’s dive in with Georgia’s entry, “Keep the Faith.”


Tako Gachechiladze was a member of Stefane and 3G, which won Georgia’s 2009 National Final with “We Don’t Wanna Put In.” The EBU rejected the song for being too political and rather than replace it, Georgia pulled out of the Song Contest. So it’s kind of like Gachechiladze doesn’t really want to represent Georgia at Eurovision, but she can’t stop winning.

The problem we have with “Keep the Faith” is that without the strident imagery on display in the national final, it is basically “Wars for Nothing” with a “Rise Like a Phoenix” arrangement. Assuming that the EBU will ask for all references to South Ossetia be removed from the staging, all we’re left with is a bland ballad with a vague socially conscious message that lacks the teeth of the song that won Eurovision the previous year.