United Kingdom’s Eurovision 2017 Entry

Lucie Jones will be representing the United Kingdom in Kyiv this year with “Never Give Up On You.”

Jones is a Welsh singer who placed eighth on The X Factor in 2009. She lost to Jedward, the poor dear. She has gone on to be a model and stage actress, appearing as Cosette in Les Miz and Victoria in American Psycho. She’s also been on Midsomer Murders, thus fulfilling her national duty as a Brit.

The songwriting team behind “Never Give Up On You” are Emmelie de Forrest, Lawrie Martin, and The Treatment. de Forrest won Eurovision in 2013 with the song “Only Teardrops.” Last year, she co-wrote “Never Alone” for Anja Nissen, who finished second in last year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix behind “Soldiers of Love.”

Martin is a Scottish songwriter currently based in London who co-wrote the song “Unstable” with British pop singer Zak Abel. As for the third member of the songwriting team, it’s hard to research The Treatment because when you search Google for The Treatment and “Never Give You On You,” you get a lot of results about not giving up in your fight against [insert debilitating health issue here].

Now, our first impression of “Never Give Up On You” is that it sounds like the 11 o’clock number in an allegorical romantic musical that’s really about Brexit. Perhaps we’re reading too much into the lyrics.

Jones is a powerhouse of a vocalist, bringing a lot of ache and a lot of longing into her interpretation of the lyrics. She gave a damn good performance, and honestly, it doesn’t feel like the U.K. needs to do much other than just throw Jones onstage and let her belt.