Spain’s Eurovision 2017 Entry

Manel Navarro has won Objetivo Eurovision and will represent Spain in Kyiv with “Do It For Your Lover.”

The 20-year-old Navarro won the 2014 edition of Catalunya Teen Star and signed with Sony Music Spain in 2015. He won Objetivo Eurovision in controversial fashion: he finished first in the jury vote but came in third in the televote. Mirela, who performed “Contingo,” finished first in the televote but came in third with the jury. With Navarro and Mirela tied on points, the jury cast votes to determine the winner. This did not go down well in the room.

The lesson, as always: never let the jury be the tiebreaker. (Remember, if Ukraine’s jury determined the winner in 2016, then Jamala would not have represented Ukraine at Eurovision.)

Anyway, the song has a very subtle theme, which is that you should do it for your lover. If only there were a way to Navarro to get his point across lyrically. What would normally be a moderately grating twee little folk pop song becomes utterly insufferable the longer it goes on. It is the very definition of a Eurovision mediocrity, made interesting only by how it won, which casual Eurovision viewers are not going to know or care about in May.