Germany’s Eurovision 2017 Entry

Levina won Unser Song 2017 and will represent Germany at Eurovision with “Perfect Life.”

Born in Bonn, Isabella Levina Lueen is studying music management at the London College of Music and she competed against four other singers at Germany’s national final. Thanks to the complex structure of Unser Song, she ended up competing against herself in the last round to determine which song would represent Germany, “Wildfire” or “Perfect Life.”

Levina is a good singer, and goodness knows she tries to sell “Perfect Life” as best she can. But this middle of the road adult contemporary number doesn’t strike us as one that will compel Eurovision viewers to pick up their phones and vote. Germany has had a bad run of form at the Song Contest for the past two years, and we can’t see how this is going to reverse its fortunes. Better luck next year.