Ukraine’s Eurovision 2017 Entry

For the second time in its history, Ukraine will defend its Eurovision title with a rock band. Here is O.Torvald with “Time.”

O.Torvald got their start in 2005 and have since released seven albums, including last year’s #нашiлюдивсюди, which even in Cyrillic is kind of a lame album title. As was the case last year, Ukraine’s national final Vidbir came down to a tie with two songs: “Time” and Tayanna’s “I Love You” both finished with 10 points. And like last year, the tie was broken by the televote: “Time” finished second with the public while “I Love You” finished third. (Are you reading this, Spain?)

The staging for “Time” is neat. The band members stand on volcanos with digital clocks bursting out of their chests. There’s lots of fire. Speaking as a perpetual teenaged metal fan, I dig it. Plus, it ticks all the boxes for a song representing the host country: it’s solid, it’s well-staged, it’s not embarrassing and it guarantees Ukraine won’t have to host the Song Contest again in 2018.