Latvia’s Eurovision 2017 Entry

Triana Park won Supernova 2017 and head to the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Line.”

Triana Park is a rock quartet presently made up of vocalist Agnese Rakovska, guitarist Artūrs Strautiņš, drummer Edgars Viļums, and bassist Kristaps Ērglis. They made five previous attempts to represent Latvia at Eurovision between 2009-2012, although they had to pull out of the 2011 Latvian national final after Rakovska got sick. “Line” was written by Rakvska and Ērglis with Kristians Rakovskis.

Going through Triana Park’s previous entries in Eirodziesma (the Latvian national final format that preceded Supernova), it’s clear that Triana Park has always had a knack for visuals. Their costuming and staging were usually flamboyant and striking. Given what Latvia ultimately voted through during that time period, you have to wonder where Triana Park was lacking. What for, Latvia? What for?

Perhaps the Supernova format that came into place in 2015 was better set up to bring an act like Triana Park through. Moreover, “Line” is a little more accessible as a pop song than their previous entries. We call them a rock band, but their song is an electronic pop entry. We like “Line,” to be sure, but Triana Park definitely smoothed out the rough edges that they had on display before. They will stand out to audiences watching the first Semi, although we contend those audiences tend to vote more conservatively. So whether their uniqueness is an asset or a detriment remains to be seen. But maybe for Triana Park, just getting to the big dance will be enough.