Austria’s Eurovision 2017 Entry

Nathan Trent will represent Austria at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with “Running On Air.”

Trent is a 24-year-old pop singer from Innsbruck, Austria, so we’re already inclined to like him. He was on the shortlist of this year’s the German national final, but was disqualified when he became Austria’s internal selection. He co-wrote “Running On Air” with Austrian producer and songwriter Bernhard Penzias.

It’s always hard to judge a Eurovision contestant based on a music video instead of a live performance. All we can tell really is that despite being from Innsbruck, he sucks at mountaineering.

We like the song. It’s upbeat, pleasant, and fun in a Maroon 5 kind of way. But we need more information. Judging from his bio, Trent is very early in his music career. He was willing to jump into Unser Song while also negotiating to represent Austria, so he certainly seems to think he’s ready. But we have no idea if anything has prepared him for this. Many a young artist before has crumbled under the intensity and the chaos of Eurovision. Let’s hope that he can keep it together in Kyiv this May.