The Netherlands’ Eurovision 2017 Entry

OG3NE from the Netherlands are going to lead fans in Kyiv through “Lights and Shadows” at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

OG3NE are a pop trio made up the three Vol sisters, Lisa and fraternal twins Amy and Shelley. They represented Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 and won the fifth season of The Voice of Holland. Their song “Lights and Shadows” was written by their dad Rick Vol and Dutch musician and songwriter and boyfriend of Shelley Vol, Rory de Kievit.

When “Lights and Shadows” was released, more than a few people noted how much it reminded them of Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On.” So your assessment of “Lights and Shadows” will depend entirely your opinion of Wilson Phillips’ venerable hit. If you enjoy tight three-part harmonies and generically encouraging lyrics, then “Lights and Shadows” is an unqualified success. However, if the first strains of watery synth that heralds the start of “Hold On” makes your teeth start to ache and the trite platitudes only encourage you to hold on until you can afford to buy custom voodoo dolls of everyone who was involved in the writing and production of the song, then “Lights and Shadows” is not so much experienced as endured.

We fall into the latter camp, so all we can do is pray that they at least take staging inspiration from Moje 3’s “Ljubav je svuda.” The original version, not the Dex version. That would help.