Macedonia’s Eurovision 2017 Entry

Jana Burčeska will sing “Dance Alone” on stage with up to five other performers at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Burčeska finished fifth on Macedonian Idol (which featured Kaliopi as one of the judges). Since the start of her career, she has been heavily involved with charity work, serving as a UNICEF Ambassador and working with USAID and the Macedonian Red Cross. “Dance Alone” was co-written by Joacim Bo Persson and Borislav Milanov (working as Bobi-Leon Milanov) of “If Love Was a Crime” fame, along with Alex Omar and Florence A.

We really enjoy “Dance Alone.” It is what Madonna would have sounded like if she had gone in more of new wave direction at the start of her career. It is retro without sounding stale. (Insert dig on San Marino’s entry here.)

While it’s tailor-made to get folks in the Euroclub moving, we are still worried about its chances to get out of the second Semi. Singers of dance club anthems sometimes struggle to translate the energy of the recorded track to a live performance without getting shouty or going off-pitch. Burčeska may be a strong enough performer to handle the transition, but adding to her problems, she’s going third, so we’re afraid she may get lost in the shuffle at the end of the night.

We’re still going to crank “Dance Along” in the car, though.