Armenia’s Eurovision 2017 Entry

Artsvik is going to take us on a journey with her song “Fly With Me.”

Artsvik Harutyunyan got her start as a contestant on the second season of Russia’s version of The Voice, Golos. She won the right to represent Armenia on the Depi Evratesil artist selection show. Her song “Fly With Me” was written by Avet Barseghyan and David Tserunyan.

It’s been said that people decide within the first 30 seconds a song whether or not they like it. “Fly With Me” burns through a good 20 seconds with a dreadfully bland soft opening that conjured up in our minds Genealogy. (Oof.)

Fortunately, with 10 seconds of our attention span to spare, “Fly With Me” kicks in proper. It gets slinky and slithery and cool. Artsvik carefully builds the song with a determined intensity. (Compare it to Albania’s revamp of “World,” which starts off big and just stays there.) “Fly With Me” is a master class in delayed gratification. When it eventually builds to its climax, we were satisfied in a way we didn’t expect. It goes to show that sometimes it’s about the journey and not the destination (which is appropriate given the song title).