Hungary’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

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AWS are a metal band that formed in 2006 and made a name for themselves tackling social issues in their lyrics. In 2011, they were named Brand:New Discovery of the Year on MTV Hungary.

Their path to Lisbon was interesting, to say the least. Hungary’s A Dal format gives the panel of four judges the power to send four songs to a superfinal. The superfinal result is then determined by a televote. Generally, songs that get a lot of points from the jury end up winning the televote.

That was not the case this year. “Viszlát nyár” squeaked into the superfinal with only eight points total from just two jury members. This after it received nines across the board from the four jury members and the televote in its heat, then three 10s and a nine from the jury and just a seven from the public in its semifinal. You can understand when AWS seemed genuinely shocked that they pulled off the win.

We were pretty happy with the A Dal result. To be fair, one member of the Lemurs household in particular is an old metalhead, but we both admired the unconventional choice. It’s almost like the Hungarian public collectively realized that maybe the key to Eurovision success is to not resemble the previous winner at all.

We think there are two omens that hint at good things for AWS in Lisbon. First, stylistically similar songs to “Viszlát nyár” have done pretty well: maNga’s “We Could Be the Same” finished second in 2010 and Eldrine’s “One More Day” finished ninth in 2011. Second, “Kedvesem” was another song that made the A Dal superfinal in the jury’s fourth place slot. ByeAlex went on to finish 10th at the Song Contest.

This could just be wishful thinking, but we always hope that countries that break out of the pop mold are rewarded for their choices. We have our fingers crossed for Hungary this year.