Guest Post by Kid Lemur: Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

A new feature on Eurovision Lemurs: a guest post! Kid Lemur (who is currently in 3rd grade) wanted to weigh in on one of the most talked about entries in our household. When asked why he wanted to write this post, Kid Lemur informed us “because I can.” So be nice y’all.  🙂

Benjamin Ingrosso is pretty well-known in Sweden. This song is pretty good but it could use a few things that are different though. Like I think the background should be different. I don’t think that a bunch of lines does the trick. I think there should be something else that’s not lines. He started singing at the age of nine! That’s amazing! The evolution of him is incredible! He has some incredible talents like singing, performing (it would be better if he did not have that stupid coat) etc. “Dance You Off” is a good song but the lyrics are really weird…. Like “I just want to da-da-dance you off.” What does that even mean? It’s a good song but to be honest Sweden doesn’t have a good chance at winning this year. I mean it’s a good song, but they’re not winning. Like seriously, how does this win?!?!?!? But I feel like he is too focused on winning that he can’t make the song to be as good as he wants it to be.