Romania’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

Say hello to “Goodbye.”

Romania’s The Humans formed in 2017, but most of the members have had careers before the band. Singer Cristina Caramarcu competed on the second season of Vocea României, but was eliminated right before the live shows. She co-wrote “Goodbye” with bandmates Alexandru Matei and Alin Neagoe.

We’re trying to decide if The Humans are pretentious or if Google Translate is making them sound pretentious. Here is a translation of part of their Facebook bio, so you be the judge: “‘We Believe in Humanity’ – this is the motto under which the band will manifest its artistic spirit … Their music is not a mechanical act of interpretation, but a sharing of boundless feelings between the scene and the public, an act of creation.”

In our review of Serbia’s entry, we grumbled that “Nova deca” took awhile to get going. But “Nova deca” is positively speedy compared to “Goodbye.” The song floats along until the guitars finally kick in at the 1:25 mark. Only then does “Goodbye” really come alive. And then it just suddenly stops at the end. Okay, we gotta go. Three minutes, bye bye.

Once “Goodbye” finds its feet, we hear of some strains of Heart and Ann Wilson. But mostly it’s just a nondescript ’80s rock song that ticks a lot of Eurovision boxes: a good front person, a cellist, a little bit of visual pizzazz, appropriately big themes, and a stadium friendly sound. It doesn’t feel special.