Moldova’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

Get ready to break open a bag of DoReDos in Lisbon this year.

Eugeniu Andrianov, Marina Djundiet, and Sergiu Mita formed DoReDos in 2011. They made it to the group final on the Romanian edition of X Factor in 2016 and were one of the winners of the Russian New Wave festival in 2017. Their New Wave performance caught the attention of Philipp Kirkorov, who co-wrote “My Lucky Day” with John Ballard. Kirkorov and Ballard previously worked together on “You Are the Only One” and the Tolmachevy Sisters’ “Shine” (because at Eurovision, you have specify which “Shine” you mean).

DoReDos made two previous attempts to represent Moldova at Eurovision in 2015 and 2016. Watching their earlier performances, they have a signature sound characterized by tight three-part harmony and we could sense that they had potential if they could just find the right song. And boy is “My Lucky Day” the right song for them. It tightens up their folk-influenced style and makes it pop. This was the first fully cohesive package DoReDos has brought to O melodie pentru Europa and they were justly rewarded.

Our only quibble with the song is that it sounds like a love duet being sung by a trio. The lyrics are about love at first sight, and it feels a little odd for the three members of DoReDos to be singing them. Unless the song really is meant to be about a menage a trois. “My Lucky Day,” indeed.