Poland’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

Poland has chosen Gromee and Lukas Meijer to light Lisbon up.

Gromee is a deejay who had a number one single in Poland in 2016 with “Spirit.” He has teamed up with Swedish musician Lukas Meijer, with whom he had the top 10 hit “Without You.”

How to describe “Light Me Up?” Let’s go with relentlessly chipper. It’s nice to see Gromee and Lukas and their backing singers are having so much fun performing and all that, but after a minute of their grating cheeriness, we are quite ready to bust out Bauhaus and sulk in the corner.

It’s sunny in a Maltese national final sort of way and we’re sure it can get a crowd moving at the Euroclub. But it’s so not cool. It feels like a song your parents crank in the car, leaving you totally embarrassed.