Austria’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

Cesár Sampson steps into the spotlight for Austria. Here’s “Nobody But You.”

Cesár Sampson is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Linz. He sang back-up to Poli Genova and Kristian Kostov at the last two Eurovision Song Contests. “Nobody But You” was written by Boris Milanov, Sebastian Arman, and Joacim Persson from Symphonix International, as well as Johan Alkenäs, who has written songs for Ashley Tisdale.

We complained in our review of “Bones” that the Symphonix team provided Equinox with a performance piece, not a single. Not the case here. Cesár gets a proper pop song that he can sink his teeth into. It has grit and gospel and melodies that stick with you after its done.

Cesár has a rich voice and, at least in the performance video, a smoldering presence. He’s also a better mountaineer than Nathan Trent. No offence, Nathan.

Our concern about “Nobody But You” is that it’s one of those songs that is good but not moreish. There are a lot of solid Eurovision songs that catch your ear when they come up on shuffle, but they’re not ones that you seek out and listen to over and over again. It’s a good song, but it may not be one  that necessarily catches on with the home audience. We hope it does, but we are of course biased because it’s from Austria.